Due To World Cup Japan Game .......

I finished working, but......

Excuse me, please. Couldn't write during weekend. Then today, I HAVE to watch world cup soccer "Japan vs. Cameroon". Right now same group Netherlands vs. Denmark is being aired on NHK, the public broadcaster's general channel.

Food report: OK, now beer is in my hand and also wasabi flavored potato chips.

Ready for the game. ( but, probably before the game, I will finish this chips.....)

This is sort of related to my business. Although I am not actively involved in sports business right now, I used to buy soccer broadcasting rights for sports specialized TV station called J-Sports ( under J:COM .... back then, I was programming supervisor of Jupiter Programming, which became later Jupiter TV and Jupiter Telecom:JCOM. )

Back then, Italian Soccer Serie A was the strongest or most popular in European league and I don't think Premier League was that popular. Serie A had attractive and talented players.
Later stage of Roberto Baggio, Batistuta, Veron ( I liked his beautiful corner kick), Del Piero,Maldini, Vieri, Inzaghi( brothers) etc. etc.....

I still remember when I was at San Siro watching " AC Milan vs. Bologna". The audience was over 50,000. mmm. Hope I can go to Italy again and watch some soccer game. ( same for other leagues as well. ) I am not a big soccer fan ( compared to those who are really into soccer.) , yet the feeling of live game is totally different and I always enjoy that.

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