Cake Sel is IN !??

This week, although I had lots to do and actually worked, I also took some time to cook this. My interest in food always changes or my food adventure never ends... you could say.

It seems this salt cake is in right now..... I think the origin is some publisher's recipe book package which included baking pan introducing cake sel... the salt cake or salty cake. Yes, it is not dessert.

For instance, this one I made has broccoli and bacon. I need to explain the recipe , but it's real easy. The cooking time is about 15 min. and then you bake it in oven for 35 min.

I have tried several ingredients such as sausage, bacon, broccoli, asparagus, canned tuna etc....
Before I forget, I should upload all of them here. Well, I need to study today, so let me work on that some other time.

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