The Taiyaki in Shibuya

I was impressed with this translation...." Crispy Hot Sandwich". It is....Tai is snapper or sea bream.

It is called so because of the shape. Traditionally, it is supposed to be sweet... This is fusion and innovation.

The inside is international... such as German Potato, Italian ( pork sausage, tomato sauce, cheese etc. ) ... I was running from A to B skipping lunch today. I could call this lunch.

What I chose was German Potato. Italian was tempting, but I was wearing white blouse, so did not want to drop tomato paste on it.

Located on Center Avenue of Shibuya. ( Center Gai in Japanese.)


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've been trying to look for an address for The Taiyaki that I can copy and paste into Google Maps so I can visit it when I go to Japan! I've had difficulty finding one though. Would you be able to supply me with the address? I would be most appreciative!

Yasuko Watanabe said...


It doesn't show the address of shibuya branch any more and there are only two on their website.

one is in kobe, hyogo prefecture and the other is in sano, tochigi prefecture.

they are both located in premium outlets.