Sushi Delivery from Kakiyazushi

I had this sushi dinner tonight. There are sushi restaurants which also deliver dishes and also there are delivery sushi chains.

This one is from Delivery Company called Kakiyazushi. Salmon, tuna, yellow tail, egg, salmon roe, Japanese horse mackerel, prawn, conger eel, scallop and squid.

While I need to work on projects and works, I feel I need to do research and study for myself. One thing is English since I'd like to polish it more.
I am taking TOEIC test at the end of June.....after probably 15 years. The first score was pretty good and it helps, but score is score. When you are doing businesses the score really doesn't matter. Then, why am I taking it again? Well, I think I wanted to pressure myself. When I am busy with business, I don't really try to make times for study, but if I try, probably I can find more time.

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