From Moroccan Stew to Japanese Egg Plant

The top left is lentil, tomato etc.... salad. Salad a friend made ... she said it was from William Sonoma's recipe.

I usually cook, but I was too sleepy and could not get up early enough ! Bought the marinated eggplant in Japanese style. Another friend cooked Moroccan Stew with couscous. They were all delicious.... others were Indian chicken ball etc..... we have several bottles of wines...

It is because of age or trend.... once in a while we go out and eat at restaurants, but lately, we prefer picnics or home parties.... it is so comfortable and relaxing.... oh, probably another reason is now there are several babies..... a few years ago, there was none. So, that is probably another reason that we prefer this style. We are all from different industries.... lawyer, medical doctor, Thai interpreter, owner of model agency and myself.

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