Friends from St. Margaret's / Alumni Reunion

It was great to see all the friends from school. Some, I were with up to high school, some all the way to college. With some friends, I had seen and kept contacts with.... ex. visited M in Paris where she lives with her French husband. Others, this was actually the first time after 20 some years. That is quite a long time, but we share memories and it was easy to talk with them and it felt like old days again. We sat with same class people ( or I could say same year people) . However, this was whole school event, so there were teachers from elementary school, Jr. high, Sr. high, college...... also all the different classes. There were familiar faces although they are different ages.... probably our years are close, I could tell.

Yet, in good way, some friends have changed, I noticed. During school days, M was rather quiet. She is now extremely cheerful and made us laugh with her cynical yet very funny sense of humor. Nice to see all these friends and they are doing well. Some have children and some are single, some are working and some have promoted to senior/high position in a corporate world.

Y was very good friend while I was at St. Margaret's, but we lost contacts after a while. We figured that was because both of us kept moving. I moved a few times and also changed job.
She immediately sent me e-mail after the gathering, which was sweet. Funny thing is it seems she got too excited seeing all the friends and had fever that night. ( Sounds like a child !)

It is interesting that most of us still live in the same area..... Western part of Tokyo.... the area called Yamanote..... residential area with greenery.

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