Buaiso / Jiro Shirasu & Masako Shirasu

Buaiso the house / museum I visited is now maintained by their daughter. Jiro Shirasu was entourage of prime minster Yoshida who tried to stop the outbreak of Pacific War and became foreign minister and then prime minister after the war. Jiro Shirasu acted as interpreter and negotiator when Japanese government negotiated GHQ and joined the team that created new constitution. He also created current METI.... Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. At the moment, I am working on some projects of METI and this visit made me look back Japan's history again.   

His wife Masako Shirasu is known as essayist and has intimate knowledge of culture and arts including kimono, ceramic art....etc.

I enjoyed visiting their residence since I could see that they had sophisticated tastes. Decor, ceramics, architecture, the garden.... Tsurukawa is now residential area located in west part of Tokyo, yet still quiet and far different from my area. It is interesting that they chose this area and house ( former farmer's house ) and were self-sufficient.

The lunch we had is the only choice for having lunch there and you need to call them at the following number in advance. The lunch is served at 12:00 or 13:30. The total number is 24.
So, try to make the reservation early. Lunch box is 3,150 yen per person. The admission is 1,000 yen. It takes 15 min. from Tsurukawa station ( Odakyu Line) . There are two buses you can take from the station. The route number is either 13 or 26 and get off at Heiwadai Iriguchi.
I think it was second stop from the station. Then you will find big UNIQLO on your left. Turn left at the corner and go up the slope. The left corner of the uphill is the entrance.

Address: 1284 Nogayacho, Machida City, Tokyo

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