Easy Avocado Sushi --- I call it

Maybe this is not authentic sushi, but we have similar one called temakizushi --- Do-It- Yourself Sushi Rolls.

Here, you don't even roll.....

Prepare dried laver ( cut as photo ) and steamed white rice ( sprinkle some sushizu - vinegar for sushi--- you can buy it the bottled one, but if you cannot find it, for this amount of rice, add a tea spoon of vinegar, a pinch of salt and a pinch of sugar, it is up to you. )

You can try other ingredients for bacon part... such as smoked salmon, grilled chicken, ham ,tomato, mango slice , etc...


Dried laver
Steamed white rice
Sushizu ( for rice or vinegar, sugar, salt)
Avocado ( 1/2 for the photo: squeeze lemon juice and mash it )
Cooked bacon ( cut finely )
Soy sauce
Wasabi paste ( I always use wasabi in tube)

Just put the rice, avocado on it and bacon on rice. Dip it into wasabi soy sauce. Or because of the shape, it maybe difficult to dip. So, use tea spoon and pour a bit of wasabi soy sauce over the bacon rice. Yum !
It could be served at parties! Glad that I created this.

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