Toward the end of March

mmm. Apology for the silence. I have to apologize to many people who live in U.S. and also who was visiting Japan.... I mean my business associates and also friends.

I visited Los Angeles and also New York.... apology.... it was such a short trip and did not have time to meet up or to call.....I could have called, maybe, but it was so hectic and my mind was filled with schedules and things to do. Deep apology to friends and associates in Los Angeles and New York.

In New York, I have my cousin.... he and his wife have no idea that I was there.... if you read this, sorry !

I have a visitors who were here till this past weekend ! When I realized, it was too late. Am still working on this report.... to be submitted before the end of this month...... So sorry !

Then I have asked another friend ( or friend's friend, who is currently visiting here.....)to wait till April 1.

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