Will Update You Shortly.....mmm, Friday, am tired..

I was invited to a screening last night and saw " The Lovely Bones", which I enjoyed and loved.
Will write about that shortly. I could not try another fried chicken today since Sankus was not ready for that yet when I visited ( before noon). I have another invitation tomorrow to Rakugo --- Sit-down Comedy, so will write about it also shortly. What else ?

The METI project is now officially on and I will be tied up with it for a while.

I tried Nikumaki ( Meat Wrap or Meat Roll ) , which is currently popular here ( originally from Miyazaki Prefecture) and would like to show you the photo.

Please wait a few days. ( Maybe I can write tomorrow or this weekend....? )

I still have energy, but my eyes are tired.....I need to remove my contacts now.

Have a great evening and wonderful weekend !

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