Takoyaki Comparison II --- Hamadako by Araya

Thanks for waiting! There are several Takoyaki ( Octopus Balls ) shops in Shimokitazawa.

I tried this place for the first time....

" Hamadako" is originally from Shonan area, the man who made this explained.

Hama reminds me of Yokohama ( the City of Kanagawa Prefecture) and the image of beach, shore, coast....

Shonan is the beach, coast line of Kanagawa Prefecture. He put big octopus pieces into each ball. According to him, their takoyaki is crispy/ crunchy outside and inside is soft.... it was like.... how can I explain... stew. Usually this package is 450 yen, but when I got there, it was on Time Sales.... and 350 yen. Lucky ! ( I can't help it... sorry for my childish reaction. ) It took a while since he started cooking after I ordered, but it was nice to chat with him and also watching his cooking was entertaining.

At the station of Shimokitazawa, go to South side. ( McDonald's side) If you see McDonald's , turn left ( or go onto the street, which is between McDonald's and Kyodaru--- take out Sushi shop.) .

Hamadako will be on your right in 10- 15 seconds. If you'd like to eat there, you can sit inside.

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