Takoyaki Comparison I --- Seven Eleven Version

While I still need to check out Fried Chicken from Sankus ( the last one from convenience stores in Shimokitazawa), I had this Takoyaki Balls tonight. ( This is from 7/11. Frozen takoyaki, so you need to microwave for 3 min. )

Sauce and condiments were not included in the package, so used sauce, bonito flakes and green seaweed like Aonori found in the fridge.

There were 6 balls in a package and it costs 100 yen. ( Inexpensive!) Tako means octopus. Yaki means grill, broil ..... The batter is made of wheat flower, egg, water... chopped octopus and scallion etc. is also included.

There are a few shops selling Takoyaki over counters or at bars. I'd like to try them and compare.
Originally I was going to cook tonight,but things are not happening as planned originally and I was upset. There are things to do, but suddenly felt so tired from this situation. I could have done something different or/more if the plan was like this to start with !!! Cannot blame anybody at this stage, that is why it is frustrating. I would say it is just a system. ( Sometimes it is easy to blame somebody and say " It's all your fault!"). Well, I should keep on working and fingers crossed. It is already January 20, scary. What have I done so far this year??? Let's work hard!

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