Scallion/Green Onion Pancake --- Konamono Series

This is Konamono Series. Kona means flour.
Takoyaki ( Octopus Balls ) I ate yesterday is also konamono. ( Mono means things.)

Today I made simple scallion/green onion pancakes. I am very stingy these days.... in a way, I am quite flexible and keen on trends and also trying to save money and also avoid wastes.

While I enjoy nice/high-end restaurants, I also enjoy these everyday food and try to make these food with less costs.

Back in 80's we didn't care... or I didn't care.
I was young and also that was the air of the era. I remember, when we were in the middle of the bubble economy, I have seen ramen noodle with 24k gold flakes, which cost 100, 000 yen, equivalent to 1,000 dollars a bowl. Crazy! Now the Japan's economy is in difficult time, but it is healthier in many ways.... we try to use the ingredients carefully using all. We try to recycle things. Anyways, these konamono is also cost effective. I made three versions today.
1) The top left is the first one. Simply added chopped green onion, some niboshi-powder ( dried small sardines) , one egg and one cup of water. Mixed well. Pour a table spoonful sesame oil into the heated pan and the pour the batter. Cook both sides. When it is well cooked with the little brown color on the surface, place it onto the plate. Sprinkle some dried bonito flakes. Some drops of soy sauce to your taste. 2) Second one is basically same. Cook in the pan. The sauce is different. I used sauce ( little sweeter than regular sauce. Okonomiyaki --- Japanese pancake sauce.) and mayonnaise. 3) Made another batter....water, flour and green onion only, no egg.
After spreading the batter, add some cheese.

Various version is possible. I love scallion/ green onion, so I like all the above. It's easy and you can probably try with oil, egg, flour and green onion/ spring onion you have in your kitchen.

Enjoy !


Vassmer said...

We just happened to have all the ingredients on hand. It was delicious and filling for a light lunch. I did add a little chili powder for spice (warming since it's so cold outside.)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Vassmer,

Thanks for the note. Isn't it easy and healthy enough ?

Good idea to add chili powder.

Will try it next time.