New Year's Celebration " Osechi" 2010

This is the one I bought for this year's celebration.
At my parent's place this used to be made by grand mother and then mother ( for both sides actually, father's side and mother's side) . Then, since it is too hard and time consuming to cook everything at home and shops and/or department stores or well-known restaurants started delivering these.

In any case, they usually come with 3 layer trays.
This one is for single or for small families, so just one tray, but it was good enough.

From top left.....clockwise....egg roll ( bit sweet), small fish is called " gomame" or "tazukuri", the right top is golden yellow....sweetened chestnut and chestnut paste, down in the middle is seasoned scallops and kombu (cooked kelp) and angelica, down right is shredded carrot and
kelp, the pink and white stripes are 6 slices of " kamaboko" fish cake made of fish paste, then bottom left is "namasu", which is shredded marinated carrot and radish, the left middle is black beans, it tastes sweet ( So, new year's food has various sweet dishes.....usually Japanese food is salty.) Finally, the three red ones sitting in the middle is..... shrimps. All the above food means something lucky or supposed to suggest longevity, happy life, wisdom, saving money etc.etc.

It is nice start for us wishing healthy , prosperous life in new year and enjoy these food.
Well, once I invited my American friend to my parent's place while ago..... it tasted strange to him. He assumed he was poisoned (!!!).

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