Meiji Jingu ( Shrine) --- I would recommend Sangubashi Station

I used to live in Sangubashi area and I should have noticed....... Well, we went to Meiji Shrine for
New Year's Visit.

The biggest shrine in Tokyo expects 3 million visitors during the first 3 days of new year.

However...... I wanted to enter from the main entrance..... from Meiji Jingumae Station side....
I was wrong..... I should have known..... The back yard station, Sangubashi... on Odakyu line is the one we should have used. If you enter from Sangubashi side, the waiting time would be much shorter. It took almost 90 min. for us to reach the inner shrine. Anyways, it felt good to do something new yearly and thanked for last year and made wishes for 2010.

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