Lawson's Fried Chicken with Bun

Today I tried Lawson's fried chicken for lunch.... as a part of Convenience Store's fried chicken comparison.

It was pretty good ! I like L-Chicki ( they call it) and the bun. ( You need to buy this bun, which is 50 yen.)

Easy to eat with this bun. The seasoning was good, the meat was tender, juicy.


Vassmer said...

The food looks delicious! We had fried chicken on Christmas day and haven't eaten it since.
Now I'm hungry for fried chicken again. Thank you.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Vassmer,

Thanks for the comment!

I HAVE to have fried chicken once in a while..... I eat KFC also, but nowadays, these convenience stores have smaller, handy chickens. Dangerous !