" Julie & Julia" --- Julie Powell and Julia Child

It was about a week ago... I saw this movie, " Julie & Julia". Have you seen this ? It is about Julia Child and Julie Powell. Julia Child --- American woman who learned French Cooking in Paris and she introduces French Cuisine to Americans... Easy to say,but from this movie, you can see that it took time and required much effort. Her character is cheerful, strong and if she is determined, she just starts working on it without hesitation, intrigue character. We, audience need to travel the days of Julia Child and this current Julie's New York back and forth. Then in current New York,
Julie is struggling with her wish to become something and the reality working as office girl far different from successful friends....

I enjoyed this movie because it is introducing foods and lifestyle, but also, this is the log of two women who were looking for something meaningful in their lives. Strongly recommended.
( I would probably buy its DVD later. )

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