"Hassaku No Yuki" & " Hanachirashi No Ame" by Kaoru Takada

These novels are favorite of mine.... meaning novels which have FOODs in stories....the time background is Edo Era.... probably late 17th to 18th century ?

The blue one is the first episode and the pink cover is the sequel.

Mio--- the protagonist is the poor young girl who lost her parents. She remembers that she had best friend back in Osaka, but does not know where the best friend is now.... Mio lost her parents due to catastrophic flood and after that she has not seen her best friend. Now she is in Edo ( Tokyo ) and helping Soba Noodle Shop.
The Noodle shop owner, Clients, Medical Doctor, Neighbors......supported by kind people, Mio pursues her cooking as her vocation. There is sneaky rival restaurant, mysterious incidents ....heartwarming and entertaining with tempting food description.

The story is still continuing.... can't wait for the next episode !

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Anonymous said...

Pity these books are not available in English translation.