Fried Chicken @ Convenience Stores

Fried chicken is getting popular again.
While the all the major convenience stores' sales and/or revenues have dropped, it seems this kind of chicken sold at convenience stores has been well accepted by consumers...the reason is probably the handy size, price ( this was 150 yen) and the quality.. this Family Mart's chicken was tender, juicy andCheck Spelling crispy !

I would like to try all the major convenience stores' chickens and report it here. ( It may sound silly , but this kind of trend is showing an aspect of Japan's current economic trend.)

In my town, there are 6 brands of convenience stores..... Family Mart, Lawson, am/pm, 3F,
7/11, Circle K.... the total number of stores... I am not sure, but over 20 maybe ?

Also, there are more stores selling this kind of finger food..... it is also due to economic downturn... I would analyze.... I bought this fried chicken at Family Mart near Shindaita Station of Keio-Inokashira Line.

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