Feeling Refreshed .... Slept Well !

I had to work on some research on Monday.
It was urgent....couldn't sleep much then.

Felt lightheaded yesterday and went to bed early.

I woke up feeling refreshed. Found an e-mail from sister like good friend... saying " I tried to reach you since I am eating at Taiwanese restaurant right now, can you come ? "

Yes, there was also a record that she called.

Sorry, I was already in my dream...:)

This was my lunch today. ( I made it.)

Raw ham and pear sandwich. ( Lately I am into this combination.) The soup is made of sweet potato, celery, cabbage. I made veggie soup first with soup stock powder. Then add 2 tea spoonful miso. Then, added half cup of milk ! This combination works out well. For Japanese people, it may sound odd and mismatch. Yet, I think it tastes good and also healthy.

I need to go back to work again. Hope I can write some more later tonight ! Cheers!

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