Early Dinner on December 31, 2009

As shown, we eat Toshikoshi Soba , the buckwheat noodle wishing longevity and healthy life in new year.. before that, around 5pm, I prepared this....Sukiyaki. The ingredients are thinly sliced beef, burdock( sliced) , shiitake mushroom, tofu, konnyaku, scallion or anything you like.

I think I have introduced this method while ago, but let me write it again. This is Kansai ( Western Region ) style..... My grandfather spent some years in Kyoto and in our Watanabe family, if we get together, Sukiyaki cooking was his job.

First, put the beef tallow in the heated pan, which they usually give you at the butcher.
( There is special pan for Sukiyaki, but it is OK to use regular frying pan).

Then add beef and sugar. ( I usually use brown sugar since I feel the sweetness is milder.)
If beef is about 200 to 300 grams, I would add about 3 table spoon sugar. Then add same amount of soy sauce. When the beef is cooked, start eating the beef , by dipping them into the fresh egg. I would save some beef for later and add and start again. Beef, Sugar and Soy Sauce,
add some Sake or white wine here and add all the other veggies here. You could cover the lid to steam them. It does not have to be Sukiyaki..... I prepared it since year end is the start of new year's celebration and wanted to have something special. ( Sukiyaki is still " feast" for most Japanese. This is not something you would eat everyday.)

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