Baby Shower --- Baby Girl is coming soon !

Not mine. My friend's baby.

We gathered to celebrate our friend's anticipated baby girl and her mom.

As you can see, there were delicious foods.

Thai friend made authentic spring rolls and shrimp toasts. Creamy shrimp sauce with French bread, sushi, fried chicken with veggies, quiche, sandwiches, brownies, tiger shaped eclairs....everybody brought something.

Enjoyed meeting & catching up with friends.
I met some new people also. Time flies. Friends' babies were ( there were two) there, they are cute and looked like they understood what was going on. ( probably they did!). They did not exist when we did our first baby shower with this members......

Auntie Yasuko had to admit... no wonder she feels aging !!! ( One of our friends is anti-aging expert medical doctor.... let's ask her the tips! ).

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