Cafe Mamehico in Shibuya

It is close to other stations also such as Shinsen ( since this is almost in Shoto area behind Tokyu Department Store ) - Inokashira Line or Yoyogi Koen ( Park ) -Chiyoda Line .

They have these salt & pepper containers, olive oil and balsamic vinegar on your table.

mmm, will show you the lunch.... tomorrow !

Cafe Mamehico in Shibuya

It seems like their main shop is in Sangenjaya.
I have to check that one also.

As you can see in my pics, the decor is not typical Japanese, yet not exactly European or American , but has sort of bit of everything...... relaxing.

Wooden furniture are creating homey ambiance.
Very hard to find actually.

Go to Tokyu Department Store ( main store ) first.
Take the right street from there. Within a minute or two, you will see 7/11 ( you know, the convenience store, seven-eleven ) on your right. Go inside the store and on your left, you will find a door and there is staircase. Take that and go downstairs ( it's not exactly basement. If you come from the next street, that is the 1st floor . So, from this cafe, it looks like 7/11 is located on 2nd floor... )
Anyways, I will write about the food I had there and more about what impressed me.

mmm So Many Pic I'd Like to Show YOU !

I just realized that I haven't uploaded or written about my cousin's home cooking yet!
That ... I will not forget..

So, let me show you this Cafe for today.

I actually fell in love with this place. Very cozy, if I had time, I could have stayed for hours and read book there.


Same Design in Your Region ? --- Starbucks

I was wondering if all the Starbucks have this same design.

I bought this today in Shimokitazawa. ( Ginger Bread Latte )

Which is your favorite @ Starbucks ?

( I will ask for Tully's and others also later ! )

Natto ( Fermented Beans ) Specialized Shop

With vending machine ( of course, this has all sorts of natto, from natto donuts to edamame natto ! ) set in front, Sendai-Ya, specialized in natto opened this past Saturday.

They have various kinds of natto including natto donuts.

We do eat natto here in Japan, still a shop " specialized in natto " is very rare.

Theirs are bit expensive.... still, they are about 200 yen average. ( I bought edamame natto which was... I thinks 180 yen for 3 packs and 230 yen for regular natto which has 4 packs.)

Healthy natto is known for its effect as blood clot buster.

Unfortunately, there is no eating space.

Are you interested ? OK, take either Inokashira line or Odakyu line to Shimokitazawa.
Get off and come to the west exit. Take a right at exit and go up the stairs. Keep on going.

This shop will be on your right in 30 sec.


Sake from Miyagi Prefecture.....

These are tasting set, separately ordered.

Miyagi prefecture is known for its rice.... therefore, they make great sake.

Kurikomayama, Uragasumi and Manazuru.

They were all so good !

Dinner / Matsushima Continues....

I will try to add and edit the explanation about these foods later.

For now, please enjoy the looks !


Akasaka Sakas --- Near TBS

Christmassy Illumination !

Just wanted to show you some pics of Christmassy ones.... before Christmas.

Mona Records in Shiokitazawa

They have healthy, reasonable dishes.
I had Taco Rice today for lunch. 700 yen including Jasmin Tea and mini salad.

Dinner at the Hotel --- Matsushima Trip

Of course, food is another entertainment on the trip. Ah, I have to look for the menu sheet, which I kept in the notebook.

Just a moment, please. There were several more plates..... and Sake !

Entsuin Temple --- Night Illumination

The illumination was thought the end of November, so you have to check the schedule, if you'd like to enjoy this.

Strongly recommended though.
Magical, riveting view....

You can also enjoy music here..... deep inside the garden, there was a monk who was playing a Japanese flute and the hanging lights were responding to the sound.... that was created by some polytechnic university.

Entsuin Temple --- Garden

Enjoy this view. I will show you the same temple which shows different beauty at night.

The hotel had shuttle bus which leaves the hotel at 8 p.m. and picks us up at 8:45 p.m. back to the hotel. Nice service.

Zuiganji Temple / Caves Where Monks Trained Themselves

To explain about the temple, I need more time to write. Let me just show you the photo for now.

These caves are very old and it was for the monks before this current temple was constructed.

They lived in here and kept training with minimum items for everyday life.


Came back from Funeral Wake

These are from Mr. T of my apartment. He lives on the same floor and was in the hospital for over a month.

Glad that he got better and came back.

Was going to write more, but I went to a funeral wake tonight. Have to work on something, so will write more during this weekend.

Have a good weekend !


Some Pics and Updates Tomorrow

Well, it has been busy again ( a bit ). Will try to upload some pics , I 'm hoping.

2 more weeks, then it'll be 2011 ! Are you ready !?


Koto Ward's Tiara Koto

Here, I enjoyed classic concert this afternoon.
Music selections were Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Johann Strauss.

Nice hall. Also, it has great acoustics.

Dinner --- Berry Berry Croissant

My dinner tonight was quick... this croissant, chicken cutlet I picked at meat shop and potato salad.

This croissant is from " DONQ" in peacock, Shimokitazawa. Sweet cream, blueberry, raspberry... yum !

I was invited to a classic concert today ( lucky me ! ) and now I have to work on something.... so don't have much time. Will show you the hall pic also. For other travel pics, event pics, food pics..... Be patient , please !
( After having indulge myself in classic music, now I am listening Mark Ronson... weekend's " high-life " ! )


Egg Roll Pan --- My New Gadget

The pics from trips etc. continues, but little break for you.

This square pan is my new gadget, which I bought for 500 yen ( much cheaper than regular price ! ).

This one.... I think I cooked with spinach.


Zuiganji Temple --- Moss coated ground

Moss was like carpet in this part of the temple.

Zuiganji Temple --- Where Grandmother Wanted to Visit

I heard my grandmother was complaining to my aunt. She wanted to take time to see these temples, but my grandfather was interested in other things ( I don't know what they were .)

This was after the trip, so I felt I did visit these temples on behalf of grandma.

It is beautiful, well maintained temple.

Up on the Hill --- Looking Out Matsushima Bay

It is said there are about 260 small islands in this bay.

From oyster hut, we walked about 15 min. to come to this top of the hill.

The Lady Was Tough and Filled with Energy !

When I travel, I try to enjoy all .... food, culture, history, communication with local people etc.... yet, try not to run around...

On this trip, I also enjoyed talking to this lady who cooked oysters for my table. She said " I used to work at big hotel, but because of my age, I had to quit. Since I heard that this oyster hut needed some hands, I have been helping them and it's been only 2 weeks." She was very good, so we were all surprised.

She is probably late 50s ? It's physical work and must be tiring to work on that all day, but she was smiling and kept feeding us with oyster mountain. Thanks to her, I think all of us who was at that table was happy with oysters and also happy with her caring service.

Smaller than Usual, but Tastes Good

According to the lady who kept cooking for our table, this year's oyster is small because of the crazy heat in Summer.

It tasted great though.


Sunrise in Matsushima

All the rooms of Hotel New Komatsu are ocean view.

Oyster Shack / Hut in Matsushima

They keep bringing tons of oysters for your table with shovel.... the left is the shells... for recycle.

At the end, oyster rice and soup is served.

I probably ate.... more than 50 oysters!? I didn't count, but ate a lot anyways.


Oysters !

Under the lid, there were oysters !
Look this generous volume.

Will explain more, but I really enjoyed this lunch.. for an hour.


Another from Entsuuin ( Temple in Miyagi )

Pls. look forward to the next ones.

Mystic, sacred.... beauty of fall trees...

A series of photo.... from Miyagi Prefecture....

While I would like to show you the pics from parties, I have this series of pics from some trip....

Beautiful lights @ Entsuuin Temple.


Grandmother's Coat

I am silly ! I should have asked my aunt or cousin to take my photo when I visited them....

Just wanted to show you this grandmother's coat I got from my aunt. It's fur coat that my grandmother bought @ Mitsukoshi department store more than 30 years ago.... before she travelled to Europe to see Olympic game...I didn't have anything of her remembrance and.... it fits !

My grandmother was much shorter than I.... I am 171 cm and she was probably less than 155 cm....

Her long coat turned short coat for me.... I love it ! It also feels like grandma is watching me...and I am with her.

Dessert Plate from Bridal Shower Pics

I'm gonna miss her.... we have known for almost 20 years ? We met first in Hong Kong through some afternoon tea party. Since then we met in Tokyo, L.A.....etc... encouraged each other , discussed work situation, boyfriends ( ! ) etc.etc....

We have SKYPE, e-mail, Instant Massages.... so, hope we can keep in touch and update each other...

Wishing her happy wedding and married life.

Bridal Shower @ La Bisboccia

Even this simple combination of ham and mozzarella feels different from other places.... melts in your mouth... mmm, yum.

La Bisboccia --- Food is Delicious, Service is Great

This La Bisboccia is the sister restaurant of Il Boccalone of Ebisu, which is little more casual, trattoria.

Usually, I don't go this place without sponsor :-)
Bit pricy, yet it's worthwhile. I wouldn't hesitate to go and choose this place for friends' special occasion, celebrate something etc. For myself, I would feel it is luxury.

Chee and Sachiko chose good selection of food and we were busy talking and asking questions to the bride to be.
Oh, maybe I have mentioned this before, but let me remind you ...having bridal shower is not common in Japan.

Since this friend is American and this group is quite international, we usually do this.... bridal shower, baby shower.... American gathering... It's nice to celebrate friends' happy events in any case.

La Bisboccia in Hiroo

About 2 weeks ago, we had bridal shower for a friend who is getting married next year.

Since she will be mainly living in L.A. soon, we decided to have this early.... in November.

Thanks to Chee, who arranged this and prepared the balloons, Hawaiian leis ( the wedding will be held in Hawaii.) etc....


Momiji Leaves.... Fall is Here....

Let me show you more pics.... will try to write more on weekend....

This pic is actually from Sendai... Miyagi Prefecture.


Looks Ugly Tastes Good --- Miso Celery

I bought a bunch of celery stalks and didn't know how to finish them.

Then.... tried this. Sliced celery. Mixed 2 table spoonful miso ( sweet one is better. regular one could be too salty. if you are not sure, try whiter miso. darker ones such as dark brown miso is usually very salty.) and 2 tea spoon of sake or white wine. Add that miso paste to this celery. Stir well. Leave in fridge for a half day or so.

It's actually tasty and I love it and will make it again soon.

Kompeito / Colorful Japanese Candies

So pretty...

Will write about bridal shower and this party later.....

Maybe later this week.... wait a moment, please.

Party to Celebrate Friends' Engagement

Actually the couple invited us..... thanks to their effort, all the friends who gathered had wonderful party and we were happy to see you two.