Sashimi --- Raw Fish Set Menu


TEL: 03-3262-0044
Address: 4-8-34 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-Ku,
Tokyo 102-0074 Japan

Lunch & Dinner.... There are only 23 seats total ( total of 1st floor and 2nd floor) , so it is better to call and make a reservation in advance.

Dinner Menu , there are various tempting food I would like to try next time. Traditional Japanese food and Sake...

ATE in Ichigaya ... A Restaurant Set in an Old House

This two-story building is a Japanese restaurant. Probably this used to be some body's home....small, traditional....or now almost antique house. At the entrance, you will be asked to remove your shoes....This house was built at the end of 1950's.

I was suggested to have lunch meeting there and we both ordered sashimi set menu. The price was 850 yen.

Good deal for this price, please check the photo above.

2 min. from Ichigaya station. ( JR exit.) You will see Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Tokyo, pass that bank and then next is Risona Bank. When you pass the Risona, turn right. This house will be on your right in 20 secs.

When it is Chilly..... Chicken Ball & Chinese Cabbage Soup

This is another left over found in the fridge.
Chicken ball (pre-made and packaged ) and Chinese cabbage soup. I added rice cakes, ground ginger, miso paste. The top yellow one is ground Yuzu lemon skin.... smells good... typical winter condiment.

Canned Salmon's Hot Salad

You can use any veggie for this. I used hakusai(Chinese cabbage) and green onion.

Handy enough when you don't want to go out for shopping.

1 canned salmon / 1 tea spoon grape seed oil / 1 table spoon sesame oil / red chili pepper ( cut) / 1 clove garlic ( coarsely chopped) / 1 table spoon soy sauce / green onion ( cut into 5 cm) / chopped Chinese cabbage ( 3 leaves)

1. Set the pan over a medium heat and pour both oils with garlic and chili.
2. Place the canned salmon on the plate. Sprinkle cut green onion over the salmon.
3. When the garlic is turning to brown color, add the Chinese cabbage. Cook well.
4. Add soy sauce just before you turn off the fire.
5. The above is the dressing for salmon. Pour over the salmon and green onion.