Simple Breakfast

Steamed white rice, fresh egg. I drizzled some soy sauce and sesame oil over it and sprinkled chopped chive. Miso soup has sliced potato in it.

Miso soup might take 5 to 10 min. The egg & rice is only 3 min. Perfect for busy morning.


Ramen at Home

While I always look for good Ramen place, I also cook Ramen using instant package at home.

This is some day's lunch. Green veggie, boiled egg and seaweed.

This kind of Ramen noodle does not have much nutrition, so I always add something healthy.

Afternoon Tea at Ritz-Carlton Tokyo III

Even this teapot and warmer itself was beautiful.

I tend to talk to people working at restaurants or hotels and ask many questions.... I think they thought I am sort of travel journalist or writer.... ( maybe ? maybe not ? )

The manager came out when we were leaving and apologized saying " Sorry, M'am, our PR person is taking off today and could not answer to your questions. " Oh, that is OK ! No problem.

If you visit hotels, let's behave ! I heard that there are some guests who throw away cigarette butt on the carpeted floor.

Afternoon Tea at Ritz-Carlton Tokyo II

I don't remember the names of each....

The pink one was raspberry flavored cake, the center was creamy.... cake or bavarois, chocolate cake, chestnut tart...

Afternoon Tea at Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

A friend of mine won a gift certificate at some event, which invited us to this afternoon tea at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Tokyo.

Beautiful setting and sweets including cucumber sandwiches.

The service was also excellent. I enjoyed talking to them also.

"Lobby Lounge & Bar" located on 45th floor of Ritz Carlton Tokyo.

Lucky me. Thanks to my friend and the event.
They will show you a box of tea variation. It's hard to choose. I ordered Ritz-Carlton Brand...spicy, exotic taste.

Ritz-Carlton Tokyo in Tokyo Midtown.
9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo