French Bistro in Kichijoji --- Galette

I was happy to have found this place.
Another GALETTE restaurant, actually bistro.

Did I write about this before ? I don't remember.

Maybe you know already, so if there is any correction needed in my explanation, please let me know.

Galette is from Bretagne, a region of France.
There were Celtic people moved from England in the region. ( That is why the region is called Bretagne meaning Britain in French.)

It was very tough to live there..... It was difficult to make products with its poor land.... but they were able to cultivate buckwheat and that is the origin how Galette--- buckwheat pancake was born.

In this bistro, which is close to Inokashira Park, I tried their Galette with salad.
Nice, cozy bistro, next time, I'd like to try their dinner.

Cafe & Bistrot TOURJOUR:

Open for lunch & dinner, Closed on Tuesdays
B1F, 1-17-1, Minami-cho, Kichijoji, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo1800003


Fried Sword Fish with Radish Bedding

OK, I feel I had enough veggie today with this.

Lightly boiled broccoli with ponzu ( soy sauce & lemon juice/ yuzu juice ) is shown above.

The bottom, center plate is Sword fish with Japanese radish bedding.

1 slice of sword fish.
200 grams of radish ( grated ) with some chopped leaves( lightly boiled).
Some starch. / Ponzu / Olive oil
1. Prepare the bedding first.
2. Cut sword fish into sticks.
3. Dress sword fish with starch.
4. Heat the pan and pour 1 table spoon olive oil.
5. Cook the fish till the surface turns brown.
6. Take the fish out and soak it immediately into ponzu.
7. Place the fish on the radish bedding and pour the ponzu over it.


Did you know that persimmon is rich in Vitamin C ?
Yet, it seems this fruit is not so popular nowadays.

When I was small, I often saw this trees in many Japanese gardens....

This persimmon was too ripe and became like jelly.
( I like this jelly like ones also. )

Lifted the top part ( calyx or hull ? ) and scooped with this spoon. Sweet... just like jello.
Persimmon is in season right now, so quite reasonable.... 50 yen to 70 yen each. ( in my area.)

If you saw it, try one !

Koya-Dofu ( Freeze-Dried Bean Curd )

It is said the origin of this tofu ( bean-curd ) is Mt. Koya.... that is where the name came from.

The monks of Mt. Koya created this.

At supermarket, you can easily find it, if you are in Japan. If you are in cities with Asian market, it should be there.

This is my original recipe.


1 turnip including its stalk and leaves... cut into bite size.
5, 6 pieces of Koya-Dofu. ( If they are big ones, soak it once into lukewarm water and squeeze.
Then cut into bite size. )
Dashi Powder ( sort of Japanese soup stock powder), Soy sauce

1. Boil 2 or 3 cups of water.
2. Add dashi powder (approximately 1 tea spoon ....to taste)
3. Add sugar ( about 1 tea spoon) and add Koya-Dofu and turnip.
4. Keep cooking and add soy sauce. Cook till the water is almost gone.
5. Add cut stalk part and leaves of the turnip. Cook for another 2, 3 min.
6. Stir well. Taste it and if it is not salty enough, add extra salt or soy sauce to taste.

Sweet Potato and Chinese Cabbage Hot Salad

This is today's breakfast. Not much protein... I just realized.


1 Sweet Potato ( It was more like Yum potato.... I got from a friend. )---Microwaved till cooked.

A chunk of Chinese Cabbage ---Cooked for 5 min. in boiled water.

soy sauce, mayonnaise, yuzu-kosho ( spicy , flavorful condiment made of yuzu lemon ) ,

1. Place cooked Chinese cabbage first, then add cooked potato on it.
2. Mix soy sauce, mayonnaise, yuzu-kosho, sugar ... this is the dressing. ( I put 2 tea spoon each.)
3. While the veggies are still hot, pour the sauce over it and enjoy !

Miso & Mayonnaise Sauce

This sauce could be used for various veggies.... such as cooked potato, broccoli, celery, radish.....

This photo is carrot and the sauce. Check Spelling

Yes, I often eat chocolates, potato chips and nuts when I enjoy beer, brandy, sake.....but this is healthy version.

Just mix 2 table spoons of miso and mayonnaise.