Tofu Salad with Garlic Dressing

This is quick and easy.... did I make it before ? I don't remember. Anyways, drain tofu for 5-10 min. Tear it into bite size... It depends what you have in your fridge.
I found lettuce, tomato and tofu, so made salad as shown below.

In the frying pan, add sliced garlic and oil ( I would use olive oil or grape seed oil).
Cook for a while.... then shut off the heat, add some soy sauce and sweet rice wine ( mirin ).
That will be the dressing.

When I don't have time to cook.....

As you may have noticed, lately I have been busy.... I try to cook when I can, but when I cannot... below is some example I buy at convenience stores.

Fried chicken and salad.... bean salad and banana....


The University of Tokyo --- French Restaurant in the Campus

Sorry, I fell asleep and could not upload during the weekend.
So, the answer is University of Tokyo.

It seems their Hongo campus also has this same restaurant.

I went to their Komaba campus, which is third station from Shibuya by local train on Keio-Inokashira line.

The lunch is.... salad, main ( you can choose one from meat, fish or pasta) and bread for 800 yen.
I think coffee was 200 yen, if you order lunch. Dessert is not included, but it sounded so tempting and we both ordered dessert. In the campus, it is located in Faculty House.

I ordered fish for main. It was good deal. Also, it is nice to walk around in the campus. They have trees and some historical buildings. I found museum also. Since I did not have time, this time I couldn't stop by, but next time, I will check out the museum !