Which Type are You ? Plant-eating or Meat-eating?

Lately in Japan, it has been trendy to see if the boy is plant-eating type or meat-eating type.

As you can imagine, plant-eating type is less aggressive, calm, doesn't approach girls actively.
On the other hand, there are many meat-eating type girls around me including me.
Well, don't get me wrong, I would not approach boys or men aggressively, but love to eat meats and gain power from that ! Also, these girls are strong in both physically and mentally. For my brain or mental power, I am not sure :) ,but I am definitely strong physically. ( I am not muscular , but rarely catch colds, or get sick.... ) Some of my girl friends are meat-eating type..... who would approach and ask boys out before being asked.... ( ! )

So, look around you and enjoy to determine your friends if they are plant-eating type or meat-eating type.

Summer is almost Over ? Saury Season

This is grilled saury-teishoku ( set menu with rice and miso-soup ).

Typical fall food. Yummmmmmm.

Cafe OB in Shin Yurigaoka

The other day, I had a lunch with my aunt.

After the lunch, she took me to a cafe, which serves huge drinks.

This is " Cream Soda" served in Salad Bowl !??

Price is normal, or even more reasonable than other shops.

If You Like Kitty and Live in Japan ......

If you like cats and live in Tokyo especially near Setagaya, would you consider to have these two cats ? They are stray cats, but as you can see, they are beautiful.

This silver gray cat has been captured by a lady who takes care of these cats and waiting for you.

Mother is still on street, but we will catch her soon and she will have doctor's check up.

If you are interested in having either of them, let me know.