Why Edo Culture ?

As mentioned before, I am so into Edo culture lately. When I had brunch with a friend over the past weekend, we chatted on various things including the career, economic situation, politics, mindset trends etc.... then we came to some speculation....we lost something that we used to have.... people became so materialistic for the past 20 years and Edo era has something warmer... and that is why I feel comfortable to read Edo stories.... Maybe.

Cold Plates for Humid Summer Dinner

mmm, lately, it is quite humid. These are both cold plates.

1) Tofu ( tastes like Mozzarella cheese after 3,4 min. micro wave...please use momen ( hard ) tofu ) and tomato salad. The top green powder is Wasabi salt.
Then, I added vinegar and olive oil. Stir well.

2) The right hand side is Smoked Salmon Salad with chopped onion and cucumber. For dressing, I mixed olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Breakfast --- Summer Veggie

This is today's breakfast. Tamagokake-Gohan ( Rice with raw egg and a teaspoonful soy sauce) , Fried egg plant and green pepper.

One egg plant and green pepper --- cut into bit size as the photo shows. Fry them with grape seed oil and season with sauce= mix Japanese dashi soup powder , water, sugar and miso paste.