Deep Fried Spring Roll --- Pizza Style

There are lot I like to write, but hard to concentrate on this.
mmm, will soon find some time to write more. Lately, I am into Edo Culture and have been reading several books about it or stories set in the era.

Please look forward to it.

In the meantime, this was easy, yet delicious ! You do not have to prepare lots of oil... Just 2, 3 cm of oil in the pan.


Sliced cheese or shredded cheese ( natural cheese ) 1 slice or to taste
chopped tomato 1 small tomato
shredded green pepper 2 green pepper
shredded ham 2 slices
1 sheet of spring roll sheet
grape seed oil 2 cm in a small pan

1. Place a sheet of spring roll and put all the ingredients.
( If it looks too much , put just right amount .)

2. Wrap the ingredients and close the end. ( If it doesn't sit right, use flour and water as glue.)

3. Prepare oil in the pan.

4. Put the Roll into the oil. Deep fry it till the whole roll browns.

5. Before it gets burned, take it out. Drain off the fat.

Enjoy the crispy , pizza like Roll ! I didn't add any salt, but cheese gives enough flavour.
It is up to you !