What Are They Eating --- Japan's General Election

General Election is coming up in August. Those politicians are busy with preparation. What are they eating ? Do they ever care about us--- civilians and what we eat ?

Dinner Tonight

Wow. Sorry, somehow, it is upside down. Oh, well, can you enjoy it as it is ? :)

It is fish sausage, carrot and bitter gourd ( summer food) .

Just fry them in sesame oil and season with oyster sauce ( about 1 table spoon). I enjoyed it with brown rice ( healthy ! ) .

It has been over 2 months !

Hi ! Sorry for long long silence. For the past 2 months, I have been extremely busy. Not just for business, for privates as well. I am fine and quite active. Believe or not, I have not used air-conditioning this summer yet... in this humid over 30 degree temperature. I am challenging myself. It reminds me of my high school days when I was playing basketball. Our head coach used to tell us.... " If your body gets used to cool, air-conditioned weather, not good for your body, muscles... " mmm, let's see how much longer my body could bear this !