Curry a Day --- Morning curry is supposed to be good for your brain

Yes, I always liked curry --- various types---European mild curry, Indian soupy spicy curry, Japanese curry , Thai curry.... the one lately I am making is more like Japanese + Indian type.  

Bit soupy... ,but I do not use Japanese ready-made curry blocks.  Instead, I use curry powder since it has more real turmeric, which is good for liver. 
Also, I heard if you eat curry in the morning, that helps your brain start working !!! Since then, I try to eat curry once a day.... ( I am so into it right now...but you know, I will get tired of the pattern after a while, I think !  For a while, let me do this !!!  Let's see if I get smarter in the morning. ) 

Recipes --- I challenge different ones every time, although basics are same. 

For the one in the photo, the following was the way:
1 clove of ginger / 1 clove of garlic both chopped. chopped chili pepper ( 1 tea spoon)
1 table spoon of curry powder ( mine has turmeric, coriander etc.)
1 tea spoon of salt/ 1 table soon of grape seed oil / 1/2 chopped onion / 1 green pepper
2 table spoon of chopped carrot/ 100 grams of pork ( small cubes ) 
1 bay leaf/ 1 pinch of dried rosemary / a pinch of dried sage ( herb ) / a pinch of dried thyme
1 pinch of nutmeg/ 1 table spoon of sake or white wine.

1.  Start cooking ginger, garlic and chili pepper with grape seed oil in the pan.
2. Add onion.  Keep cooking till the onion gets clear color.
3. Add carrot.  Add salt, bay leaf, rosemary , sage and thyme.
4. Add pork.  Cook for 5 min. then add Sake.
5. Add 2 cups of water.  Keep cooking and let it boil at the high heat.
6. Check and see how it tastes.  If it needs more salt, add here. 
7. At low heat, keep cooking for another 10 to 15 min. Add green pepper.
8.  At the very end, add curry powder. 

You can eat it as spicy soup with bread or pour over steamed white rice. 
Enjoy !  It is very spicy and makes you awake.