Swine Flu or H1N1

It should not be called " Swine Flu " any more ?  I was watching some program on CNN and l earned that pork producers and restaurants who have pork menus complained about it.  Then Mexican Flu ?  No, Mexican Ambasador claimed.  Therefore, H1N1.  

There is no direct effect at the moment around me.  I can see many people wearing masks though. 
Should I get one ?  I heard that you 'd better prepare about 20 masks per person.  ( According to my aunt.) 

Well, I have been eating properly ( very healthy at the moment ) and sleeping well enough, so my immune system should be working OK.  Maybe tomorrow, just in case, I 'd better buy a package.

By the way, this is Golden Week in Japan, ( Not so golden for me ) and it is long holiday ( for some people.) .  I have been working mostly, but no problem !  It has been interesting businesses including making plans for classes I teach.  I went to see a play on Sat, I should write about it. 

Am planning to see a group of friends tomorrow.  Other than that, I will be working till the end of this ( Ha ! ) 

Pancake is more for Weekends

Don't you think ?  I usually have pancakes on Saturdays or Sundays.  

I love the smell when they are cooked in the pan, sweet weekend smell..... 

I have been bit busy lately, probably you have noticed.  

It feels bad though to say " busy".  I still remember my professor's advice.  " In Chinese character we use, busy is written as - losing mind- or - damaging mind- , so not good. "  Well, I don't think I am losing my mind, but busy in good ways ! 

One thing that keeps me busy from this Spring is that classes I started teaching.  I am now adjunct professor at one university and instructor  for 2 classes at one national institute.    Teaching classes are international business and English interpretation. ( !! I still need to study myself, but it is never ending study also. )