TOFU & TOFU Dinner

mmm, Sorry, the photo is not sharp enough.
The right is Tofu & Wakame miso soup.

The left is rice bowl with crushed tofu , chopped green onion and Zha Cai.  

Zha Cai is often sold in a small grass bottle here in Japan, originally from China. 

Chopped Zha Cai ( 1 table spoon ) 
Chopped Green Onion ( 1/2 table spoon ) 
Tofu ( drained off : 1/2 , crushed ) 
Sesame Oil ( 1 tea spoon ) , Say Sauce ( 1 tea spoon ) 

1.  Mix all the ingredients in a preparation bowl. 
2. Put steamed white rice into a dinner bowl. 
3.  Place the mixed tofu on the rice.  Done !  

Cheese Wrapped in Won Ton

Very easy to make and good to have with beer.

Won Ton wrapper 15 pieces
Cheese ( I used processed cheese and cut into bite size) 15 cubes
Grape Seed Oil ( 5 cm in a pan ) 
a pinch of salt 

1. Wrap cheese with won ton wrapper.
2. Make bonbon like shape as shown in the photo.
3. Close the top using some water. 
4. Heat the oil in the pan.
5. Start frying the above won ton cheese.
6. When the color turns golden brown, it should be crisp and done.
7.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt over them.

Enjoy !