Table Ware Festival 2009 / FRISK CASE !

Wow !  I found this case for " FRISK ", you know the mints.  Made of lacquer ware.  Cool !

This is a shop/ exhibition of AIZU NEXT where producers, designers and creators gathered not only from Aizu , but also from all over Japan.

My father's father ( My Grand father ) was from Aizu area.  It is North East country side and my image about that region is snow, mountains, nature, "quiet , but patient , diligent people", good nutritious food from mountains..... Sake....

This group is trying to create something new while respecting traditions.  
Nice, stylish designs were there.  The red lacquer was shiny and pretty.  
I asked the person who was there, happened to be a designer if these could be used in overseas. 
According to him, yes.  I thought these have to live with moisture... so, if it was brought to Europe or somewhere drier, that could crack, but if the inside wood is strong enough, it shouldn't, he says.  


Table Ware Festival 2009 V

These soy sauce containers were my favourite this year.  They are bit smaller than regular size, but the shape is cute.    They are carefully made to avoid drippings.  

This year, my room is not ready to buy those beautiful things.... my new year resolution is to make it clean by the end of this year and welcome those in 2010 !  

The soy sauce container was made by Arita-Keizan.  Arita-Yaki ( Or Imari ) is from Arita, Saga Prefecture. 

Table Ware Fetival 2009 IV

From Tea Time Setting corner. 
The right side is Japanese sweets.

These are chopstick rests.


Table Ware Festival 2009 III

These are from Minoyaki Section.
Mino means Gifu prefecture area.  

Table Ware Fetival 2009 II

Little more for today !

Table Ware Festival 2009 I

Table ware festival was held at Tokyo Dome last week.  While I catch up with things, please enjoy the photo.  Will try to come back and present more of them shortly.  The top one is by Keita Kawasaki, a well known Japanese Flower Decorator.