Mentaiko --- Thanks for being here !

Cod Ovum --- Spicy Cod roe ( seasoned with salt, chili pepper etc. ) is great food. 

Originally from Korea, I believe. 
In Japan, the origin is Fukuoka prefecture.... a prefecture located in Kyushu ( Southern ) island. 

Lately, I ofen make this rice bowl.  No cooking.
Just put some Mentaiko ( Karashi Mentaiko is the correct name ) , Chopped Shiso ( Japanese basil ) , fresh egg.  No soy sauce needed, since mentaiko is already salty enough. 

Just mix all of them and eat !  mmmmm.... Yum !  Some day's breakfast. 

MUSHINABE--- Poacher

Mushinabe seems to be getting trendy food here in Japan.  I made this for trial, which was pretty good. 
No water, no oil was added.

( Any veggie could be used. ) 

2 stalks of Green onion ( chopped ) 
1/3 of Enoki mushroom ( cut in 1/2 length ) 
5/1 of Daikon radish ( half ground, half thinly sliced ) 
Sliced pork ( some: I used about 100 grams.) 
Handful chopped Mizuna , 1 clove of ginger ( sliced and coarsely chopped ) 
Ponzu ( as shown on the right in the photo ) 

If you have donabe (earthen pot ) , that would be best.  If not, you can try frying pan and use the lid. 

1.  Pour ground radish into the pot. ( To avoid burning / about 1/2 cup )
2.  Put the sliced radish ( half of it ) on the ground radish.  Put pork ( half of it ) on it, ginger next.
3.  On the above 2, enoki mushroom, then green onion, mizuna..... make the layers.
4.  Repeat the above 2 to 3  one more time.  
5.  Cover the lid.  Start cooking.  Wait for 10 minutes.  
6.  Uncover the lid, check i the pork is ready ( changed the color totally ). 

Enjoy with Ponzu !  

As you can see, mostly veggie and it doesn't have any oil.  No water.  All the water is from veggies.  This should be healthy !