Natto Bread --- Experimental Cooking

If you like blue cheese, it smells similar..... 
Toasted bread ( I cut one slice into half )
Natto ( 1 package
1 tea spoon of soy sauce
1 table spoon of mayonnaise
1 table spoon of chopped green onion

( mastered and sauce --- the ones included in the package ) 

1.  Toast bread ( This time I used Pasco's Rye Bread. ) 
2.  In a bowl, mix natto , soy sauce, mayonnaise, green onion and mastered and sauce. 
3.  Put the above 2. onto bread.

This is all.  Next time, I will see if I grill this, if it tastes better. 
Without cooking, it tasted pretty good to me !  If you like natto, yes, you will like it. 

Hachimanyu ( Yahatayu) --- sento Public Bathhouse

Nowadays, most of the apartments and houses have baths.  This kind of public bath used to be used when we did not have baths in our house. 

( My house always had baths.  Probably my generation does not know those days. ) 

So, only occasionally I visit this Hachimanyu
( Maybe Yahatayu ) , when it is chilly.  Last night, I felt chilly and took their bath.  Unfortunately, photo is forbidden inside , so this is their entrance.  At the entrance, it says women on the right hand side and men on the left. 

There is big bath tub inside and approximately 20 taps with shower.   Some of my friends say they do visit public baths once in a while to enjoy the big bath tub and the atmosphere.  Plus, it feels like being in sauna.  ( Some have actual sauna also. )  You have to bring your towel, soap and shampoo.  The fee for bath taking is 45o yen.   

Last night, it was empty since I visited around 8:00p.m., which is too early. 
If you visit around midnight, there will be more people.  I think this kind of public bath used to be a good place for local people's communication.  I have seen middle aged ladies who sounded like the owners of the local shops kept chatting taking bath.  In the relaxed atmosphere ( plus being naked totally ! ) , it helps people to communicate casually.   One of traditional Japanese culture.