Canned Salmon's Hot Salad

You can use any veggie for this. I used hakusai(Chinese cabbage) and green onion.

Handy enough when you don't want to go out for shopping.

1 canned salmon / 1 tea spoon grape seed oil / 1 table spoon sesame oil / red chili pepper ( cut) / 1 clove garlic ( coarsely chopped) / 1 table spoon soy sauce / green onion ( cut into 5 cm) / chopped Chinese cabbage ( 3 leaves)

1. Set the pan over a medium heat and pour both oils with garlic and chili.
2. Place the canned salmon on the plate. Sprinkle cut green onion over the salmon.
3. When the garlic is turning to brown color, add the Chinese cabbage. Cook well.
4. Add soy sauce just before you turn off the fire.
5. The above is the dressing for salmon. Pour over the salmon and green onion.

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