Aftertaste was Bitter --- " A Friend from England"

The ending was something unexpected. It was quite bitter and painful. For those of you who are going to read, I will not go into too much details. The protagonist is self-reliant, 32 year-old woman and she has to face her complete solitude at the end, which she probably did not wish to admit. Well, this character is single working woman, but if you compare the deeply isolated feeling of hers with the ones of housewives from " Mori ni Nemuru Sakana" by Mitsuyo Kakuta, this kind of solitude is not only found in women who are living alone. If I start talking about it, it will go to either feminism or psychological analysis....as the critics are saying, the ending is very harsh with ferocity. I think this novel and Anita Brookner is superb since it is scooping out the modern women's way of life, its pain and struggle, fear and courage, unhappiness and happiness, virtue and ugliness.... and ultimate longing for eternal unity. The aftertaste was not pleasant... storywise, yet as book reading, I fully enjoyed since it describes some aspects of human being.... here is it woman, but not limited to this gender.

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