Fried Sword Fish with Radish Bedding

OK, I feel I had enough veggie today with this.

Lightly boiled broccoli with ponzu ( soy sauce & lemon juice/ yuzu juice ) is shown above.

The bottom, center plate is Sword fish with Japanese radish bedding.

1 slice of sword fish.
200 grams of radish ( grated ) with some chopped leaves( lightly boiled).
Some starch. / Ponzu / Olive oil
1. Prepare the bedding first.
2. Cut sword fish into sticks.
3. Dress sword fish with starch.
4. Heat the pan and pour 1 table spoon olive oil.
5. Cook the fish till the surface turns brown.
6. Take the fish out and soak it immediately into ponzu.
7. Place the fish on the radish bedding and pour the ponzu over it.

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