Swine Flu or H1N1

It should not be called " Swine Flu " any more ?  I was watching some program on CNN and l earned that pork producers and restaurants who have pork menus complained about it.  Then Mexican Flu ?  No, Mexican Ambasador claimed.  Therefore, H1N1.  

There is no direct effect at the moment around me.  I can see many people wearing masks though. 
Should I get one ?  I heard that you 'd better prepare about 20 masks per person.  ( According to my aunt.) 

Well, I have been eating properly ( very healthy at the moment ) and sleeping well enough, so my immune system should be working OK.  Maybe tomorrow, just in case, I 'd better buy a package.

By the way, this is Golden Week in Japan, ( Not so golden for me ) and it is long holiday ( for some people.) .  I have been working mostly, but no problem !  It has been interesting businesses including making plans for classes I teach.  I went to see a play on Sat, I should write about it. 

Am planning to see a group of friends tomorrow.  Other than that, I will be working till the end of this ( Ha ! ) 


Carol said...

I think they should stop calling it Swine flu too and hopefully the media will start making the change and call it H1N1.

I'm in western Canada and although there have been a few cases here (people who have returned from Mexico) so far nobody is wearing masks and we are being told it's not a problem. They are cautioning us to stay home if we show flu-like symptoms and to stay home for a week.
So far so good though and hopefully it'll stay that way.
One lucky side effect for our city is that this week, two giant cruise ships will be docking here instead of going to Mexico. This means a lot to our economy as there will be over 6,000 tourists staying for a good part of the day. I hope our store benefits too!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Carol, Thanks for the message.
Ah, I see, I call it H1N1 then.

In Japan, Golden Week is ending on 6th, so many travelers are coming back.
At the airport, quarantine is being conducted.

Are you in Victoria or Vancouver ?
I have been both and I think that is beautiful cities having both cultural attraction and beauty of nature.

Great to hear the good news of your side.

Thanks again.

Carol said...

I'm in Victoria. I've been here over 10 years now and I just love it. You can be right downtown and then in just a few minutes you can be in the middle of a park or by the ocean.

I wish I could say I've been to Japan, but I haven't. :-(
I think I'd be pretty fascinated by your country if I did go.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Carol,

Victoria ! Lucky you. Beautiful place, I remember. If I remember correctly, there was some British atmosphere and I think I enjoyed afternoon tea with a friend who used to live in Vancouver.

Japan has various faces and even here in Tokyo. Probably bit too noisy for you, but I am from here, so that is OK. It must be interesting for you since there are things and foods that you do not have there.....