Clam & Thinly Sliced Pork

This is very easy.   Clam is a taste of Spring. 

Hanamaru Recipe ( TBS's morning program).

Clam( I used about 20 clams ) , Thinly Sliced Pork ( I used about 100 grams)

Japanese Sake ( 2 table spoons ) 

Ponzu or Lemon juice and Soy Sauce ( Actually, the clam is already salty, so taste it before adding any soy sauce or ponzu, please.) 

1. Make sure that the clams' sand is eliminated.  ( I made salty water and put clam in there. 
Cover the whole bowl and waited for an hour. ) 

2. Put clam in to the pan.  Pour sake over them.  Cover the lid.   Start cooking over medium heat. 

3. When the clam starts opening, put pork on clam shells.   Cover the lid again.

4.   Cook for several minutes till the pork color looks cooked.  

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