Cherry Blossom ? --- Probably Next Weekend @ Wadabori Park

4 stations away on Keio Inokashira Line toward Kichijoji ( from my station ) is Nishi( West ) Eifuku.  ( Take Local train)

10 to 15 min. walk from there takes me to Omiya Hachiman shrine and Wadabori Park behind the shrine.  Although I have been living in this area since childhood( my school was about 5 stations away from this station ) , this was the very  first time to visit this shrine and the park.  Nice park with trees and a river.  

The top is the street from the station.  Small local shops such as veggie shop, dry cleaner, beauty parlor , restaurant.....are along the street.   

In the park, in the small corner, cats were lying relaxed.  

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