As Good As It Gets --- Movie

It is sweet movie.  Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt are wonderful !  I hadn't realize that they did receive Academy Awards for this title.  Did you know ?  It is great film, but it is describing people's lives and feelings not in dramatic way.  I am bit surprised, of course, because it is focusing onto relationships , I like it, but still I was surprised.... 

When people get older, it seems difficult to change the habits and ways of expressions.   Many scenes of this movie would remind you yourself or some of your friends or your parents etc.etc.......

If you would like to see young beautiful actress and nudes or bed scenes... I would not recommend this.  If you are in middle age or having difficulties to deal with people or boyfriend or girlfriend, I would recommend it.  Also, if you are unhappy, this is good and you would realize how much you are given.  If you are gay and artist, yes, please watch.   Life is full of difficulties and challenges, but" let's watch the bright side of it". ( Jack Nicholson sings playing piano and actually he himself is unhappy person despite of his success.)  

It convinces me maybe people tend to become more difficult when they get older ( especially  if the personality is difficult ) , but if you find the charms which you cannot see from the surface, it looks probably even more charming and attractive.  The role of Jack Nicholson is difficult because if he did not act well, this man is just meany , unhappy man, but he acted very well and it turned out this mean man is heartwarming  charming and very romantic man. 

Helen Hunt is very good also.  She is cute in a way like young girl and at the same time, expressed matured woman's charm. 

Somebody said, when you are lucky, you do not grow much.  When you are struggling with difficulties , you will grow.   Very deep.  

Food and drinks from this movie ?  mmm, bacon for dog ? :)  There is not scene that they eat something symbolic together.  ( Mmm, next time, they should think about it because I feel eating good food and sharing that time is important ! ) 

There is a scene that they have dinner at Baltimore and order crabs, but the food do not appear and I was not tempted much . ( Usually, if I see some kind of food in movie, right after that, I feel like to cook and eat that ! ) 

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