Table Ware Festival 2009 III

These are from Minoyaki Section.
Mino means Gifu prefecture area.  


Carol said...

Thanks for posting those, everything was so beautiful. Was it just an exhibition or could you buy things too?
I think I'd have to buy at least one bowl. Maybe two. Maybe three!

Bill said...

What a beautiful exhibition! Would be very hard to limit oneself to even three items! Even the chopsticks are lovely. I like the white pieces with delicate blue designs (middle picture, this post) and the chopsticks in the first post, middle picture.

Carol said...

In the middle picture, the 15-42 bowl...send me that one, please!

alwayseating said...

Carol, Bill,

Thanks for the comments. Glad you like them :)

Come to Japan and enjoy these here !

Bill said...

Someday I will!

alwayseating said...


I realized I had not answered your question.

Yes, table setting section is just to see, but there are shops lined up and you can buy at those stores. Also, MinoYaki section, which you really liked. Regional potteries were presented on the tables and they are selling their products.