Mentaiko --- Thanks for being here !

Cod Ovum --- Spicy Cod roe ( seasoned with salt, chili pepper etc. ) is great food. 

Originally from Korea, I believe. 
In Japan, the origin is Fukuoka prefecture.... a prefecture located in Kyushu ( Southern ) island. 

Lately, I ofen make this rice bowl.  No cooking.
Just put some Mentaiko ( Karashi Mentaiko is the correct name ) , Chopped Shiso ( Japanese basil ) , fresh egg.  No soy sauce needed, since mentaiko is already salty enough. 

Just mix all of them and eat !  mmmmm.... Yum !  Some day's breakfast. 


Jan said...

I love karashi mentaiko! I've never been able to find a supermarket selling these things when I visit Japan, I see a lot of food basements, but no supermarkets where I can get grocery supplies. Where is a good supermarket in your city?

vassmer said...

I had this for breakfast using salmon roe this morning. Very good.

alwayseating said...

Dear Jan,

I think most of the supermarkets carry Karashi Mentaiko these days.

Just FYI, in my area, Ozeki carries.
I believe Peacock Store also carries it.

Please try fish section, in the shelf, usually close to salmon roe, baby sardines, or sashimi, you can find Mentaiko.

alwayseating said...

Dear vassmer,

Thanks for the comment and I'm glad that you enjoyed the breakfast.

RooBunnie529 said...

Oishikatta!! I never really thought about just dumping in the egg with mentaiko!! it's like a fusion of tamago-gohan and tarako onigiri!! two thums up!!