Kasama & Mashiko

I think these are both from Kasama city, Ibaragi prefecture.  Every May and November both Kasama and Mashiko have Pottery Festival & Market and I have been to both ( They are located close.  One in Ibaragi and one in Tochigi
Only 20 min. apart by car. ) twice.

I don't know price wise if they offer better price at the festival, but it is certainly fun to check out all the shops and find the ones you like.  The both are good for various kinds of food.  Sometimes for main dish , sometimes for snacks....
The bottom is pretty flat.  Usually I use this for pasta, salad.... In Japan, there are several places famous for potteries.  The ones from these two areas are not colorful, fancy, but good for everyday use.    If you don't have a car, you can take trains to get there.  There are always many shops , so you do not have to wait till the festival season.  Maybe one weekend, you could make one day trip from Tokyo, if you leave early enough.  Yes, if you bought too many , you can ask for delivery service.  


Carol said...

Thanks for sharing. I really love that plate. I like when things aren't totally perfect like that and they look rustic.

Bill said...

Agreed. They're clearly not machine made!

alwayseating said...

Dear Carol and Bill,

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I like them because they are rustic and warm.

I like Imari and Arita also, but I cannot use them for everyday meals.