Ginger Turnip Pasta

One day, I wanted to have quick lunch at home.
In the fridge, there were a several stalks of turnip and ginger clove.

Turned out, great pasta with Japanese flavour !

1 table spoon of soy sauce
1 tea spoon of butter
salt , pepper
2 to 3 stalks of turnip ( chopped for bite size ) 
1 table spoon of grated ginger
1 table spoon of grape seed oil
*  Start boiling pasta.....while waiting for that, make the sauce. 
1.  Pour grape seed oil into the heated pan.
2.  Start cooking turnip, after a few minutes, add stalk part and leaves also.
3.  Add ginger and keep cooking. 
4.  Add butter, soy sauce, stir well. 
5.  Place the cooked pasta on the plate, add turnip sauce !  yummy !

Beer, Yakitori , Fried Chicken and Onigiri for Soccer Game

I was lucky since my friend was given two tickets for Club World Cup soccer game.  Gamba , the Japanese team did very well during the event.

Our ticket was for Sunday's final, which is Manchester United ( UEFA Champion )  vs. Liga de Quito ( Conmebol Champion ) .

Our seat was close to the ground and yes, we enjoyed beer, Yakitori ( grilled chicken) , fried chicken, fried bean curd with veggie, onigiri ( rice ball ) and inarizushi (fried bean curd stuffed with boiled rice ) etc...... when the game started , we were satisfied and able to concentrate watching the game !   

Manchester United won the game and the middle is the award ceremony. 
It seems next year, this event is going to be held in Dubai, UAE, so I was really lucky to get the ticket.  Plus, there was some acquintance in the industry sitting behind us.  Small world !

Toji --- Winter Solstice

This year, the Winter Solstice day was this past Sunday, December 21.  We are supposed to take Yuzu ( Japanese lemon ) bath and eat pumpkin and red beans to get over the cold winter. 

I forgot to take the Yuzu bath on Sunday.

Last night, I did.  You can see Yuzu lemons.
( This time, I scratched the surface of Yuzu to make it smell better and to squeeze the juice--- whose oil softens the skin ! )   Sometimes I chop Yuzu and wrap it in a towel or gauze.  Smelled so good.