Dinner Box

This is tonight's dinner.   Was too tired and busy to cook  dinner and went out and bought this one.  The top has deep fried oysters, rolled pork , hamburger , bean curds ( which has edamame, chopped carrots etc.) .   The bottom is steamed white rice.

The boxed dinner was good, but I need to eat more veggies tomorrow !  December is almost there.  Need to start preparing Christmas Cards and New Year Cards. 


Beautiful Pattern Book with CD ROM - copy right free

This is the sequel of Japanese Traditional Pattern Collection , which I translated into English.  

This time, the book has beautiful patterns, designs of plants and flowers.  

CD ROM is included in the book and that has these designs ( copy right free ) to be used by professionals and armatures.   

It is also nice to look at and to learn about Japanese traditional designs used for potteries and kimonos.     The publisher is Gijutsu Hyoron Sha.  


View from Mitsubishi Club in Marunouchi

There was an alumni gathering of my first job at Mitsubishi Club.  ( Right after graduation, I worked at Mitsubishi Corporation. ) 

The whole Mitsubishi area ( Near Tokyo Station ) has been re-developed ( some are still going on. ) , and we had this gathering at newly decorated Mitsubishi Club ( located in Mitsubishi Corporation Bldg. ) .  The view was magnificent.  

Simply put Butter and Soy Sauce over White Rice

I needed to organize my life a bit.  Not work, but there was some family issue to be resolved.  When you get older, things happens and you have to deal with them as many of you have experienced.

It took almost 2 weeks to come back here.  Well !  Let me write about foods and events I have been experiencing lately. 

Yesterday, there was some gathering.  Will write about it soon.
Anyways, because of that feast and wine, I wanted to eat light today.  Then suddenly I felt hungry in the afternoon.   This is easy and good if you like butter flavour.  Prepare steamed white rice.
Put some butter and 1/2 tea spoon of soy sauce !  Stir well.  Yummy butter rice is ready for you.