Chicken & Celery Rice

I forgot to add minced garlic before adding chicken and celery.  Still it tasted good !  It is quite simple.

Chopped Celery --- 1 stalk 
Chopped Chicken Thigh --- 100 grams
( Preparation:  sprinkle a pinch of salt and 1 tea spoon sake in a bowl.  Rub well. ) 
Steamed White Rice --- 1 cup
( You can adjust depending on your appetite. ) 
Salt, Pepper, Oil ( I used grape seed oil )
( Minced Garlic --- if you like.  1 tea spoon ) 

1.  Heat the pan and add oil and garlic first.
( If you don't use garlic, just go ahead for the chicken ! )
2.  Add chicken and cook till the color starts changing. 
3.  Add celery.  ( Start adding from the root part, which is the hardest.  Then the middle part , then the leaves. )  Add 2 table spoons of water to make it soupy. 
4.  When the chicken is ready and before cooking the leaves too long, add salt and pepper.
5. Pour the whole celery chicken soup over the steamed white rice ! 

That is all !   Enjoy the simple, yet healthy flavour of celery .